Una Belle Townsend

Una Belle Townsend is an award winning children’s author with nine published books. She writes picture books with an emphasis on animals and/or Oklahoma events. She’s a former teacher and librarian with over thirty years of experience. When she visits schools, she may bring along her puppets, posters about her books, or her own land run version of “Show and Tell” for students to enjoy.

She was the first Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year and has worked with many Ag educators in the Ag in the Classroom program. Her story of Grady the cow as well as Clancy the goat are good choices for farm units.

Her book, “Grady’s in the Silo,” received an Oklahoma Center for the Book Award and a Children’s Choice/International Reading Award. Her book, “The Great Elephant Escape,” received an Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc. Award as Best Juvenile Book in 2013. She also wrote “The Oklahoma Land Run” which is read by many librarians and teachers in the spring.

Una Belle has two series. The series, Scanner the Scottie, is about a dog who listens to children read in the school’s library. Each book has a Dewey number in it so children can look up books with that number in their school library.

Her second series, A Choctaw Adventure, includes some Choctaw language throughout each book. It also includes a dedication to the original Choctaw code talkers in World War I. Her book, “Toby and the Secret Code” was chosen to be included in the Choctaw Nation’s Summer School program.

Some of her books have been turned into classroom plays and puppet shows. Her book, “The Racecar Driver’s Night Before Christmas,” was chosen by a Tennessee Scout pack to be the theme of their float in the town’s Christmas Parade in 2017. Una Belle went to Tennessee, visited with the Scouts, and rode in the truck pulling the float.

She likes photography and wins occasional awards. She included some of her sunsets photos in her “Sunsets and Haiku” book, and she received a Woman of Achievement in Poetry from Delta Kappa Gamma for that book.

She would love to come to your school or library. She enjoys reading her books and sharing stories about why she wrote them. She may have an art idea or a game to share with the students, too. She is available for family night activities and book fairs at schools.

She also reads and signs her books at museums, historical events, educational conferences, and local events.

Una Belle Townsend’s email address is unabelle1@gmail.com

Her fees are the following:

$100.00 for one 45-50 minute presentation

$250.00 for 1/2 day for up to 3 presentations

$500.00 per day for up to 6 presentations

There may be a mileage fee or a charge for an overnight stay if applicable. If her visit is less than 60 miles from her home, there won’t be a mileage charge.

If you are a small school, speak with Una Belle about her fees. She knows some schools will not need a 1/2 day or whole day presentation.

You will find Una Belle on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Facebook. Her blog (unabelletownsend.blogspot.com) has book reviews, book activities, and many photos. She has gathered and included many book activities on her Pinterest site, too.


Grady’s in the Silo (Pelican, 2003)

Racecar Driver’s Night Before Christmas (Pelican, 2008)

The Oklahoma Land Run (Pelican, 2008)

The Great Elephant Escape (Pelican, 2012)

Sunsets and Haiku (Doodle and Peck, 2015)

Scanner (Doodle and Peck, 2016)

Toby and the Secret Code (Doodle and Peck, 2016)

Clancy (Doodle and Peck, 2018)

Scanner and the Icky, Sticky, Gum (Doodle and Peck, 2018)

Two books should be published in 2019.

Ben and the Missing Pony (Doodle and Peck, 2019)

Blazer’s Taxi (SFA Press, 2019)

Una Belle Townsend can be reached at unabelle1@gmail.com

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