Susan Kite



Susan Kite is the author of five published books (so far…). For over fifteen years she wrote many stories and novels for a fanfiction site called, but made the switch to ‘mainstream’ fiction with My House of Dreams in 2010. It is a young adult historical novel about the beginnings of the Mission San Luis Rey in California and the sad interactions between the Spanish priests and Native Americans. Strangely, she was living in Tennessee at the time, but was fascinated with the area and the history, and the story demanded to be written. This was followed up with a young adult science fiction trilogy. The Mendel Experiment, is about genetically altered mutants living on a mysterious, distant, and dangerous planet called Mendel. It was followed by Blue Fire and the Power Stone of Alogol. The star of these novels is Corree, a fourteen-year-old with a great deal of curiosity, amazing mutant abilities, and a strong desire to make her own decisions. Susan’s latest book is a middle-grade fantasy called Realms of the Cat. The main characters are cats and dogs determined to save their human from the evil humans who kidnapped her.

Susan is retired after 35 years working in school libraries, most recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She now lives in Oklahoma City with her family and would love to meet with students in classes, libraries, or on Skype. In fact, she’d love to meet anybody who likes to read or write. Check out her website at





butch edit 2
Butch, one of the characters from Realms of the Cat





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